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craftcraft2 verb [transitive]  TICDLHto make something using a special skill, especially with your hands Each doll is crafted individually by specialists. a hand-crafted silver cigar case Grammar Craft is usually passive.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
craftEven if it was a bad ballet, it was always well crafted.It wasn't that good, but impromptu insults are seldom well crafted.A team of White House aides has crafted a series of proposals, including convening a commission or a White House conference.Still, Hailey has crafted a tale that should make South Florida proud.a finely crafted Chinese serving platterThe rule was crafted over the past few years with the help of major railroads.The government crafted the bailout scheme with little public discussion and without determining who was responsible for the losses.Otto Galler further improved the breed, crafting today's streamlined beast.