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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishweaveweave1 /wiːv/ ●○○ verb (past tense wove /wəʊv $ woʊv/, past participle woven /ˈwəʊvən $ ˈwoʊ-/)  1 cloth etc [intransitive, transitive]TIC to make cloth, a carpet, a basket etc by crossing threads or thin pieces under and over each other by hand or on a loom hand-woven scarves Only a few of the women still weave. traditional basket weaving2 story [transitive]INVENT to put many different ideas, subjects, stories etc together and connect them smoothly She weaves a complicated plot of romance and intrigue.weave something together the complex patterns which evolve when individuals’ lives are woven together3 weave your magic/weave a spell4 move (past tense and past participle weaved) [intransitive always + adverb/preposition, transitive]TURN to move somewhere by turning and changing direction a lot cyclists weaving in and out of the trafficweave your way through/to etc something Lori spotted them as they weaved their way through the tables.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
weaveThe old highway weaved its way through Tucson.The river weaved across the plain, towards the sea.The trainees danced and weaved like boxers.Visitors to the center can weave a white oak basket.It is also true that several novelists, such as Carpentier and Fuentes, delight in weaving elaborate, formal patterns.Only a few of the Navajo women still weave full time.Norte weaves her observations into a witty text, filling it with multicultural detail.We were shown how to summarize an opinion, argue with it, weave it into our own interpretations.They are, in the most fundamental sense, magical: they weave spells, they conjure something out of nothing.She decides to weave the most beautiful blanket in the world and falls into a trance.Why not discover them and weave them into your do-it-yourself material.weave your way through/to etc somethingLori spotted them as they weaved their way through the tables, and waved.Mercutio is enjoying himself, weaving his way through a fantastical set of images.The coach driver weaves his way through washed-out bits of road.