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loftloft2 verb [transitive]  DSGDSCto hit a ball very high in golf or cricket→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
loftHostetler capped the drive by evading the pass rush, scrambling to his left and lofting a four-yard touchdown pass to Jett.Rumors swept up from the factory floor and lofted back down again from the cubicles of middle management.A good filling will retain its resilience and ability to loft for many years.Random stitching: Some synthetic bags are quilted in a random-stitch pattern, intended to allow the filling to loft more easily.A halo rich with rust is lofted round the heads Of James and John and Peter.Dollar hit Johnson under the basket, and he lofted the ball in over his head.Always be sure that the lifting kite is stable before thinking about lofting the camera.David Justice was next, and he lofted what appeared to be a routine fly ball to medium center.