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pitchpitch2 ●○○ verb  1 throw [transitive always + adverb/preposition]THROW to throw something with a lot of force, often aiming carefully She crumpled up the page and pitched it into the fire.see thesaurus at throw2 pitch.jpg ball games a) [intransitive, transitive]DSB to aim and throw a ball in baseballpitch to Stanton pitched to two batters in the ninth inning. b) [intransitive]DSCDSG if a ball pitches in cricket or golf, it hits the ground c) [transitive]DSG to hit the ball in a high curve in golf d) [transitive]DSC to make the ball hit the ground when you are bowling in cricket3 fall [intransitive, transitive always + adverb/preposition]FALL to fall or be moved suddenly in a particular direction, or to make someone or something do thispitch (somebody/something) forward/backward/over etc She slipped and pitched forward onto the ground.pitch somebody/something into/onto/through etc something Without a seat belt, you can easily be pitched right through the windscreen.4 ship/plane [intransitive]TTATTW if a ship or an aircraft pitches, it moves up and down in an uncontrolled way with the movement of the water or air roll2(4), → yaw5 set a level [transitive] a) CLEAR/EASY TO UNDERSTANDto set a speech, examination, explanation etc at a particular level of difficultypitch something at a high level/the right level etc You have to pitch your writing at the right level. Some questions were pitched too high for intermediate students. b) COST British English to set prices at a particular levelbe pitched at something Room rates are pitched at £69 for a single. Grammar Pitch is often passive in this meaning.6 aim product [transitive] to aim a product at a particular type of organization, group of people etc, or to describe it in a particular way, in order to sell itbe pitched at somebody/something The new machine will be pitched at users in the hotel and air reservation business.be pitched as something It is pitched as a cheaper alternative to other workstations. Grammar Pitch is usually passive in this meaning. 7 business deals [intransitive, transitive] informalSELL to try to persuade someone to do business with you, buy something etcpitch for business/contracts/custom etc Booksellers are keen to pitch for school business.pitch to For many companies, pitching to investors has become almost a full-time job. sales reps pitching new gadgets8 voice/music [transitive always + adverb/preposition]CSAPM if you pitch your voice or another sound at a particular level, the sound is produced at that levelpitch something high/low etc Her voice is pitched a little too high. high-pitched, low-pitched9 pitch a tent/pitch camp10 slope [intransitive always + adverb/preposition]HORIZONTAL to slope downpitch gently/steeply etc The roof pitches sharply to the rear of the house. pitched11 pitch somebody a line pitch in pitch into somebody/something pitch up→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
pitchRyan pitched a curve ball which easily beat the batter.Swing low, sweet Chariot is left unaccompanied, but that involves a disturbing oddity of pitching at the start.Johnny learned to pitch by aiming at a target his Dad had painted on the side of the garage.A sudden gust of wind pitched him off the ledge and he was left hanging by his safety rope.Tod pitched his coat onto the sofa and ran toward the kitchen.I hear Aubrey pitching his voice above the hubbub: engines; horns; bicycle bells.I have come home and there is not left me a place on which to pitch my lodge.Seawitch tugged at her line again, pitching on the rising swell.Phil Niekro pitched on two division winners.Two of the crew were pitched overboard when a big wave hit their ship.Steinbach will have his hands full with a pitching staff fresh out of the box.All too often you pitch the ball short, catch the slope and finish back on the lower layer.She pitched the ball to the little boy.The investment was pitched to parents as a safe way to deal with rising college costs.Stanton pitched to two batters in the ninth inning.pitch toGardner writes that most successful political speeches are pitched to a five-year-old's level.pitch (somebody/something) forward/backward/over etcChapman recalled his players from the pitch.Immediately the howling wind caught him, nearly pitching him over.Instead, the pitch was taken over by massed Southend fans demanding the resignation of chairman Vic Jobson.As he did so, the stick jerked between Angela's legs and pitched her forward, head first.In the process, she accidentally pitched her friend over the cliff.He plunged through the open door and pitched the parcel over the heads of the crowd into the middle of the road.The Land Rover was pitching and rolling over the southern brow like a small seagoing craft.If you found the opening pitch a bit over the top, the follow-up would gross you out completely.pitch for business/contracts/custom etcIt helps to avoid potential conflicts of interest, but equally it has pitched for business against its parent - and won.pitch gently/steeply etcFrom there, I increased pitch gently to pull the thousand-pound mule into the air.