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ldoce_316_fstandstand2 ●●● S2 W2 noun [countable]  1 for supportDHF a piece of furniture or equipment used to hold or support something a music stand a cake stand He adjusted the microphone stand.coat stand/hat stand (=for hanging coats or hats on)2 for sellingBBTSHOP/STORE a table or small structure used for selling or showing things syn stall British English a hotdog stand an exhibition stand The shop was crowded with display stands and boxes. One week, three magazines hit the stands (=became available to buy) with Peace Corps stories. newsstand3 opinion/attitude [usually singular]OPINION a position or opinion that you state firmly and publiclystand on the Republicans’ conservative stand on social and environmental issues She was accused of not taking a stand on feminism or civil rights.4 oppose/defendFIGHT FOR OR AGAINST something a strong effort to defend yourself or to oppose somethingtake/make/mount a stand (against something) We have to take a stand against racism.5 the stands6 the stand7 cricketDSC the period of time in which two batsmen are playing together in a game of cricket, or the points that they get during this time8 taxis/buses a place where taxis or buses stop and wait for passengers There’s a taxi stand on Glen Road.9 trees a group of trees of one type growing close togetherstand of a stand of eucalyptus trees
Examples from the Corpus
standLast month we were able to borrow a votive candle stand, which stands in the Lady Chapel area.an ice cream standThey have the largest stand at the conference.Once, he threw a baseball in the stands that struck a fan in the chest.The public defender, who must have been desperate, put her client on the stand.an umbrella standIn May 1994 1.7 hectares in a 20-hectare commercial apple orchard were planted with stands of Golden Delicious.hit the standsThe new edition of "Time" will hit the stands Tuesday.stand onI'm not sure where I stand on the issue of gun control.For now, the German central bank is standing pat on interest rates.Don't stand on the box or it'll break.take/make/mount a stand (against something)There comes a time in every close game when a team has to rise up and make a stand.But the other Supreme Court judges are making a stand against the government.Neighborhood residents are taking a stand against drug dealers.At every level, the major companies took a stand against the new medium.This was not the moment to make a stand for independence.He might have understood that the Justice Department needed to take a stand.Symphony managements, especially, have to be prepared to take a stand.The time is coming, some say, to make a stand.With his aid we made a stand.