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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstumpstump1 /stʌmp/ noun [countable]  1 HBPthe bottom part of a tree that is left in the ground after the rest of it has been cut down an old tree stump2 HBHthe short part of someone’s leg, arm etc that remains after the rest of it has been cut off3 REMAIN/BE LEFTthe small useless part of something that remains after most of it has broken off or worn away There was only a stump of the candle left.4 DSCone of the three upright sticks in cricket that you throw the ball at5 stump speech/speaker6 be on the stump
Examples from the Corpus
stumpAll that was left was a stump of what used to be a statue.He looked down, and saw the planks beneath his shoe and stump turn transparent.They campaigned for Hardaway while the Adelman ticket delivered a persuasive stump speech.You have to trench around the stump and sever all the roots.It involves cutting down the main trunk to encourage new growth from the edge of the stump.The stump she sits on is as dead as she is blind.They said they brought the tree stump to Riggs' office as a symbol of protest.tree stumpHis left leg was almost severed when it was caught in the whirling blade of a tree stump cutter.The elder female sank down on a tree stump to rest, fanning herself with her hand.Alligator saw; a tree stump chipper; and even a bouncy castle!We were going to the thick grove of woods with the carved tree stumps in its center.Clearing two acres of tree stumps so a garden could be planted in the spring.They said they brought the tree stump to Riggs' office as a symbol of protest.