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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcompensatorycom‧pen‧sa‧to‧ry /ˌkɒmpənˈseɪtəri◂ $ kəmˈpen-səˌtɔːri/ AWL adjective [usually before noun] formal  1 SCPAY FORcompensatory payments are paid to someone who has been harmed or hurt in some way She was awarded a large sum in compensatory damages.2 REDUCEintended to reduce the bad effects of something Workers are given a compensatory day off when a national holiday falls on a weekend.
Examples from the Corpus
compensatoryThe right-brain compensatory ability seems to be lost for most of us sometime in the preschool years.In fact, once drivers are made aware of this they normally take compensatory action in their driving.If Nietzsche was to come to terms with a specialized academic career, his need of a compensatory allegiance was extreme.When will he announce an enhanced hill livestock compensatory allowance?She is seeking $ 700,000 in compensatory and punitive damages.By contrast, compensatory damages reimburse actual out-of-pocket losses.The Court awarded Mitchel $650,000 in compensatory damages.If they prevail, they are entitled to compensatory damages.The subsection combines, therefore, a restitutionary remedy and a compensatory remedy.Officers can earn overtime pay or compensatory time off.compensatory damagesBut there are no such guidelines for determining compensatory damages.If they prevail, they are entitled to compensatory damages.Punitive damages potentially could be much more costly to cigarette companies than compensatory damages.He was awarded $ 335,000 in compensatory damages and $ 300,617 in punitive damages.Therefore Knapp was awarded compensatory damages and reassigned to his teaching and coaching jobs.Court awards of compensatory damages for deaths are irrelevant to benefit-cost analysis for similar reasons.By contrast, compensatory damages reimburse actual out-of-pocket losses.If the jury had ruled against compensatory damages, the case would not have been able to proceed to the punitive stage.