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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishconmancon‧man /ˈkɒnmæn $ ˈkɑːn-/ noun (plural conmen /-men/) [countable] informal  SCTRICK/DECEIVEsomeone who tries to get money from people by tricking themcon
Examples from the Corpus
conmanIn his next film, Leap of Faith, a grim drama, he will play the villain, a conman evangelist.But the project was all massively exaggerated by O'Rourke, a Walter Mitty conman just declared bankrupt.As more and more frauds emerge it becomes apparent that conmen are trying to dupe vulnerable people.William who was a widower told his son he could believe he'd been taken in by the conmen.The conmen use baffling jargon when they talk about those deals, to confuse their victims.Robert Burke, a Hartley regular, is Bill McCabe, a small-time conman who has just been dumped by his girl.Voice over Police have descriptions of the two conmen.They're staging a play aimed at teaching the elderly how to deal with conmen and women.