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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgallowsgal‧lows /ˈɡæləʊz $ -loʊz/ noun (plural gallows) [countable]  SCa structure used for killing criminals by hanging them from a rope
Examples from the Corpus
gallowsAs uplifting as a gallows, maybe, but a rewarding experiment in instrumentation none the less.Next a policeman puppet arrived carrying a gallows.Another of the outcropping, another of a gallows fixed to the outcropping.The next sketch was one of a gallows.The arrangement was later modified, and gallows were erected outside, in the hanging corner.Hooper's career continued until 1735 but thereafter no mention of him occurs in the gallows records.Dinah rides with Hetty in the cart proceeding to the gallows along streets lined with people.Men on their way to the gallows?