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reportreport2 ●●● S2 W1 verb  1 news [intransitive, transitive]REPORTTELL to give people information about recent events, especially in newspapers and on television and radioreporter This is Gavin Williams, reporting from the United Nations in New York. We aim to report the news as fairly as possible. The incident was widely reported in the national press.report on The Times sent her to Bangladesh to report on the floods.report that Journalists in Cairo reported that seven people had been shot.report doing something Witnesses reported seeing three people flee the scene.GrammarIn more formal English, you say it is reported that something is true: It is reported that there has been an explosion.2 be reported to be/do something3 job/work [intransitive, transitive]TELL to tell someone about what has been happening, or what you are doing as part of your jobreport (to somebody) on something I’ve asked him to come back next week and report on his progress.see thesaurus at tell4 public statement [transitive]SAY/STATE to officially give information to the public Doctors have reported a 13% increase in the number of people with heart disease.5 crime/accident [transitive]SCTELL to tell the police or someone in authority that an accident or crime has happened I’d like to report a theft.report something to somebody All accidents must be reported to the safety officer.report somebody/something missing/injured/killed The plane was reported missing.6 complain [transitive]COMPLAIN to complain about someone to people in authorityreport somebody for something Polish referee Ryszard Wojoik reported two Leeds United players for violent conduct.report somebody to somebody Hadley’s drinking problem led co-workers to report him to the supervisor. 7 arrival [intransitive]SAY/STATE to go somewhere and officially state that you have arrivedreport to All visitors must report to the site office. All soldiers were required to report for duty (=arrive and be ready for work) on Friday.8 report sick report back report to somebody→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
reportIs there anything to report?To report a change of address, please call our toll-free number.All accidents must be reported at once to the aviation authority.The delegation will report back to Congress on the situation inside China.Obvious blood would have been noticed and reported by somebody, I am sure.A man has been reported for a number of alleged motoring offences.His victory was not widely reported in the Western media.In water pollution, however, the evidence is mobile and there may be no complainants with a stake in reporting it.In fiscal 1993, the company reported net income of $ 302,000, or 2 cents a share.The Bundesbank is expected to report on M3 growth in December this week.The Post sent her to Bangladesh to report on the cholera epidemic.She was sent to Washington to report on the presidential elections.The local newspaper has reported several cases of meningitis in the area.Our foreign correspondent reports that conditions in the refugee camps are filthy and overcrowded.It was reported that four people were killed.The newspaper reported that he had supplemented his income with thousands of dollars from the federal budget.Many rape victims are too scared to report the attack to the police.We aim to report the news as fairly and fully as possible.Most tour packages and many resorts are reporting they are either holding the line or having only slight increases in price.He was reliably reported to be drunk at the White House reception.She is reported to have thrown a glass of wine at her former boss.Nicky reports to me on any new developments in the relevant technological fields.I must report to the Director of the Office of External Operation.report thatFour out of ten people reported that after attending meetings they were more likely to go to a solicitor.It is reported that he never performed an operation without washing his hands.You report that the Hindus of Kashmir hold the top government jobs in Kashmir.After several weeks of hard use, I can report that the Monorail certainly has its limits.Jack reports that there is also a chance that Northrop YC-125B Raider 48-626 may join the collection.Last week local people reported that three bodies had been found buried inside the building.report (to somebody) on somethingNews reports usually center on export trade to these countries.This report assesses children on important learning goals that directly reflect the tasks and skills they work on every day in kindergarten.He submitted a report to Washington on January 27, which was filed away.It holds a regular series of seminars at which reports are presented on research currently in progress.Write a report commenting on the experiment.Acrobat is used by corporations to publish documents like annual reports and catalogs on the Web.It's been more than a year since a report was published on their position.Come back next week to report on your progress.report something to somebodyWe immediately reported the incident to the police.report somebody to somebodyHis drinking problem led co-workers to report him to supervisors.report toBradley will report to a federal prison in Petersburg, VA.McKellon will report to Alan Selles, the company's chairman.Alan has five members of the production team reporting to him.Jan is based in Birmingham and reports to the Head of Marketing.