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shopshop2 ●●● S2 verb (shopped, shopping)  1 [intransitive]BUY to go to one or more shops to buy thingsshop for I usually shop for vegetables in the market.shop at She always shops at Tesco’s. window-shopping2 go shopping3 [transitive] British English informalSCTELL A SECRET to tell the police about someone who has done something illegal He was shopped by his ex-wife. shop around→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
shopTake time to shop around; get to know your local wine merchant or investigate your local supermarket.I usually shop at Safeway. It's just around the corner from my house.When she moved here, she had never shopped in a supermarket before.If you are shopping, stop outside the shop and go over the rules and consequences.I cleaned the house, shopped, washed and cooked.shop forI was shopping for a new dress but couldn't find anything I liked.And where shopping for art could be an Olympic event.Years ago, he said, he shopped for clothing at thrifts.And if she was staying she had to go shopping for groceries.No states currently allow homeowners or businesses to shop for power from the cheapest source.Anyway, I looked round the shops for some.Other men scour the shops for the latest looks and hunt down designer bargains.There were special stores and barber shops and tailor shops for the people of the project.To make shopping for wine as easy as drinking it, we've listed the bottles by retail outlet.