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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstalkerstalk‧er /ˈstɔːkə $ ˈstɒːkər/ noun [countable]  SCsomeone who follows and watches another person over a period of time in a way that is very annoying or threatening
Examples from the Corpus
stalkerWomen's groups are demanding that Congress toughen the law against stalkers.Red Deer Commission stalkers have been helping estate staff in the Angus glens pick off marauding deer destroying farmlands.A good stalker only singles out weak animals from a herd, or those that are past their best.The act was intended to protect the victims of stalkers, but it does not spell out what behaviour amounts to harassment.Victims of stalkers often find themselves thinking about nothing else.Skilled stalkers are shooting up to a dozen hinds a day.Thus the stalker feeds his need, becoming central in the life of some one who should be a stranger to him.The stalker's reappearance has led to increased security around the actress.