pris‧on‧er S3 W2 [countable]
1SCJ someone who is kept in a prison as a legal punishment for a crime or while they are waiting for their trial [↪ guard, imprison]:
Relationships between the staff and the prisoners are good.
Prisoners here only serve short sentences.
remand prisoner British English (=someone who is in prison waiting for their trial)
The organization is arguing for the release of political prisoners (=people in prison because of their political opinions).
2SCPM someone who is taken by force and kept somewhere [= captive]
hold/keep somebody prisoner
The guerillas kept her prisoner for three months.
He was being held prisoner.
Our pilot was taken prisoner.
The army advanced, taking 200,000 prisoners.
3 someone who is in a place or situation from which they cannot escape:
He is a prisoner of his own past.

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