2 verb
report2 S3 W1


[intransitive and transitive] to give people information about recent events, especially in newspapers and on television and radio [↪ reporter]:
This is Gavin Williams, reporting from the United Nations in New York.
We aim to report the news as fairly as possible.
The incident was widely reported in the national press.
report on
The Times sent her to Bangladesh to report on the floods.
report that
Journalists in Cairo reported that seven people had been shot.
report doing something
Witnesses reported seeing three people flee the scene.

be reported to be/do something

used to say that a statement has been made about someone or something, but you do not know if it is true [↪ allege]:
The stolen necklace is reported to be worth $57,000.


[intransitive and transitive] to tell someone about what has been happening, or what you are doing as part of your job
report (to somebody) on something
I've asked him to come back next week and report on his progress.

public statement

[transitive] to officially give information to the public:
Doctors have reported a 13% increase in the number of people with heart disease.


[transitive]SC to tell the police or someone in authority that an accident or crime has happened:
I'd like to report a theft.
report something to somebody
All accidents must be reported to the safety officer.
report somebody/something missing/injured/killed
The plane was reported missing.


[transitive] to complain about someone to people in authority
report somebody for something
Polish referee Ryszard Wojoik reported two Leeds United players for violent conduct.
report somebody to somebody
Hadley's drinking problem led co-workers to report him to the supervisor.


[intransitive] to go somewhere and officially state that you have arrived
report to
All visitors must report to the site office.
All soldiers were required to report for duty (=arrive and be ready for work) on Friday.

report sick

BECMI to officially tell your employers that you cannot come to work because you are ill

report back

phrasal verb
to give someone information about something that they asked you to find out about
report back to
The committee has 60 days to report back to Congress.
report back on
Students were asked to report back on their results.

report to somebody

phrasal verb
BBB to be responsible to someone at work and be managed by them:
He will report to Greg Carr, Boston Technology's chief executive.

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