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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishassaultas‧sault1 /əˈsɔːlt $ əˈsɒːlt/ ●●○ noun  1 SCC[countable, uncountable] the crime of physically attacking someone a case of robbery and assaultfor assault He was jailed for assault.sexual/indecent assault victims of indecent assaultassault on/against sexual assaults on women Several soldiers have been charged with assault.see thesaurus at crime2 ATTACK[countable, uncountable] a military attack to take control of a place controlled by the enemyassault on an unsuccessful assault on the enemy lines The refugee camp came under assault again last night. a powerful assault rifle3 CRITICIZE[countable, uncountable] a strong spoken or written criticism of someone else’s ideas, plans etc syn attackassault on an assault on the capitalist systemunder assault Traditional family values are increasingly under assault.4 TRY TO DO OR GET something[countable] an attempt to achieve something difficult, especially using physical forceassault on an assault on Mt Everest (=an attempt to climb it)COLLOCATIONSadjectivesa violent assaultThe number of violent assaults in the city has reached an all-time high.a serious assaultLast year, serious assaults increased by 40%.a vicious/brutal assaultThe vicious assault happened outside the man’s home.a sexual/indecent assaultWomen who have suffered serious sexual assault are offered support and counselling.physical assaultThere have even been physical assaults on witnesses.a racial assaultThe four young Asian men were victims of a vicious racial assault.verbsbe charged with assaultHe ended up in court charged with assault.carry out/commit an assaultShe admitted to committing the assault.suffer an assaultThe lawyer claimed she was drunk when she suffered the assault.assault + NOUNan assault chargeHe’s in jail on an assault charge.an assault caseShe had to attend court as a witness in an assault case.
Examples from the Corpus
assaultOut of the darkness stepped four men with AK-47 assault rifles and Uzi submachine guns, Anaya said.Assaults on public transportation workers have doubled in the last 10 years.The Combined Fleet made plans for an assault on Midway Island.The charges against the prisoner include criminal damage and assault.a massive armed assault on the cityPainter cleared of bar assault charge A SELF-employed painter and decorator was yesterday cleared of assaulting the manager of a Harrogate bar.Surgery, an obvious form of consensual assault, is also, understandably, permitted.She served three years in prison for assault.He was convicted of adultery and indecent assault.He admitted 25 counts of indecent assault against two sisters and a brother between 1975 and 1981.Just prior to our assault, they had fired 6,000 rounds of artillery and bombed it all morning.The most highly skilled soldiers advocated rapid maneuver and quick assault when contact was made.the problem of domestic violence and sexual assault within the homeOnly a successful assault on the rebel's headquarters could have ended the civil war.For medical treatment after the assault.But the Gulf of California is closer than you think, and currently under assault by everything from pollution to poaching.charged with assaultNorman Roberts is also charged with assaulting the child.An new investigation led to Ferrier's being charged with assault.Xavier Hicks, model student, was being charged with assault with a deadly weapon and possession of a concealed weapon.He had had a fight with the insurance inspector and ended up in court charged with Assault.The victim was charged with obstruction, and the passenger travelling with him was charged with assault.The princess was charged with assault and battery and unlawful interference with the operation of an aircraft.assault onThey made their assault on the south face of the glacier.