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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbatterybat‧ter‧y /ˈbætəri/ ●●● S2 noun (plural batteries)  1 batteries.jpg electricity [countable]TPE an object that provides a supply of electricity for something such as a radio, car, or toy You have to take the top off to change the batteries. When the red light comes on, you should recharge the battery. The car’s got a flat battery. a battery-operated hairdryer2 a battery of something3 farm [countable]TAHBA British English a row of small cages in which chickens are kept, so that the farm can produce large numbers of eggs battery hens free-range4 guns [countable]PMW several large guns used together an anti-aircraft battery5 crime [uncountable]SCCSCL law the crime of hitting someone He was charged with assault and battery. assault and battery6 recharge your batteriesCOLLOCATIONSadjectivesflat British English, dead American English (=with no more electricity in it)I'd left the headlights on and the battery was completely flat.low (=with little electricity in it)He could see the battery was low on his laptop.a car/torch/phone etc batteryHave you checked your mobile phone battery?a rechargeable battery (=one that you can put more electricity in and use again)The camera uses rechargeable batteries.a spare battery (=an extra one, in case you need it)Take a torch and spare batteries.verbschange/replace the battery (=put a new battery in something)You may need to change the battery in the smoke alarm.charge/recharge a battery (=put more electricity in it)It takes eight hours to fully recharge the battery.use batteries (also run on batteries)The clock runs on two 9-volt batteries.put a battery inShe had put new batteries in the radio.take a battery outI'll take the batteries out while I'm not using it.nounsa battery charger (=a piece of equipment for charging batteries)Don't forget to pack your battery charger.battery powerYou can plug your laptop in or use it on battery power.battery life (=how long a battery produces electricity)My old phone had a longer battery life.phrasesbattery powered/operatedA lot of children's toys are battery operated.
Examples from the Corpus
batteryHe commands a battery of artillery.Out of ninety-nine people screened for the study, sixteen were diagnosed as caffeine dependent after undergoing a battery of evaluations.This tape player operates on six C batteries.New products, including liquid crystal display televisions, long-life batteries and new materials offer promise for the future.Ferguson was found guilty of battery.The provision of batteries and responsibility for their condition must rest with the candidate.He says the batteries may be taken out and then the alarm wouldn't work.The batteries for the torches were recharged from the wind generator and the solar panels, as was the radio battery.Among the categories dropped were battery, narcotics and weapons offenses, grand theft and indecent exposure.change the batteriesThe control box has to be unscrewed and its top removed to change the batteries.assault and batteryHe also was arrested Dec. 22 in Lowell on a charge of domestic assault and battery, which is pending.What fault element is required for assault and battery?The guy could still walk, and we had filed a civil suit, for assault and battery.Since grievous bodily harm can be committed by an omission it would be strange if assault and battery could not be.Several assault and battery charges had brought him trouble with the police.What happened back there was assault and battery.The princess was charged with assault and battery and unlawful interference with the operation of an aircraft.