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break-inˈbreak-in noun [countable]  SCCSTEALan act of entering a building illegally and by force, especially in order to steal things Since the break-in we’ve had all our locks changed. break in at break1
Examples from the Corpus
break-inAnd Channing says there was no obvious evidence of a break-in.There was a break-in at the college last night -- they took all the computers.The local police were informed of the whereabouts of the statues, just in case anyone mistakenly reported an attempted break-in.This is the second computer break-in at a major technology company that has been publicized in recent months.Sure enough, a guy showed up at Zia on the day of the break-in with a stack of the stolen goods.At least there was little evidence remaining of the break-in.Until the break-in, he had planned to use it that summer on a cross-country bicycle trip.The break-in occurred between midnight and six in the morning.