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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcrackcrack1 /kræk/ ●●● S2 W2 verb  1 BREAKbreak [intransitive, transitive]BREAK to break or to make something break, either so that it gets lines on its surface, or so that it breaks into pieces Don’t put boiling water in the glass or it will crack. Concrete is liable to crack in very cold weather. He picked up a piece of rock and cracked it in half. She fell and cracked a bone in her leg. He cracked a couple of eggs into a pan.see thesaurus at break2 LOUD SOUNDsound [intransitive, transitive]C to make a quick loud sound like the sound of something breaking, or to make something do this Thunder cracked overhead. He cracked his whip and galloped off. Dennis rubbed his hands together and cracked his knuckles.3 HIT somethinghit [transitive]HIT to hit someone or something hardcrack something on something I slipped and cracked my head on the door. She cracked him over the head with a hammer.4 LOSE CONTROLnot be able to continue [intransitive]MICRAZY to be unable to continue doing something because there is too much pressure and you do not have the mental strength to continuecrack under Some young executives crack under the pressure of having to meet tough sales targets every month. He cracked under interrogation and confessed.5 VOICEvoice [intransitive]EMOTIONAL if your voice cracks, it starts to sound different because you are feeling strong emotions His voice cracked slightly as he tried to explain. 6 SOLVEsolve/understand [transitive] to find the answer to a problem or manage to understand something that is difficult to understand syn solve I think we’ve cracked the problem of the computer crashing all the time. It took them nearly two months to crack the code. This new evidence could help detectives to crack the case.7 stop somebody [transitive] informalDESTROY to stop a person from being successful Political enemies have tried to crack me.8 open a safeSTEAL [transitive]SCCSTEAL to open a safe illegally in order to steal the things inside it9 computer [transitive] to illegally copy computer software or change free software which may lack certain features of the full version, so that the free software works in the same way as the full version You can find out how to crack any kind of software on the web.10 crack it11 crack a joke12 crack a smile13 crack open a bottle14 get cracking15 crack the whip16 something is not all/everything it’s cracked up to be crack down crack into something crack on crack up→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
crackThe international banking system began to crack.Don't put delicate china in the dishwasher - it may crack.Harding missed seven weeks of baseball practice after cracking a rib.Her stiff joints cracked as she got out of her easy chair.A strong earthquake cracked buildings in northwest China.A few windows cracked from the heat during the fire.Mary cracked her knee on the corner of her desk.Jim cracked his head on the bottom of the bunkbed.He slipped and cracked his head on the steps.Freeman cracked his skull in the accident.Koeman was involved everywhere and cracked in a 35-yard shot which cannoned back off the post after 48 minutes.It's a tough case but I'm determined to crack it.A stone hit the windshield and cracked it.Give Tom a mathematical puzzle and he'll just keep on trying till he cracks it.Milken's voice cracked on the first word. "Guilty, your honor."I cracked one of the wine glasses when I was washing it.From 27 February, eight score draws will no longer be enough to crack open the champagne.Hereford usually crack or collapse in the dying minutes.But forgive him if his voice cracks or he stumbles over a word.Historians used the Rosetta stone to crack the code of Egyptian hieroglyphics.Detectives finally cracked the murder case.This would be the day that I finally cracked the North Shore.Hold the egg in your hand and gently crack the shell with a knife.It's the first time the Spartans have cracked the top 20 in the rankings.Cowboys cracked their whips as they herded cattle.If I don't get some time off soon, I'll be so stressed I'll crack up.The sheeting - you know, the polythene sounded like whips cracking when the wind got into it.cracked ... knucklesBetween moves he cracked his knuckles.He sighed a lot, stretched his legs, cracked his knuckles.Dennis put his glass down and cracked his knuckles dramatically.crack ... codePaul used his computer to crack the code and continued as before.What they must do to achieve that is crack the code that enables them to win the big match.