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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcriminal recordˌcriminal ˈrecord noun [countable]  SCCCRIMEan official record kept by the police of any crimes a person has committed He already had a criminal record.
Examples from the Corpus
criminal recordNormally forms must be filled out before such badges can be issued, including disclosure of a criminal record.A mini-breakdown was less of a black mark than a criminal record if he should ever choose to emigrate.He has an extensive criminal record.Background sketchy, certainly no criminal record.Judge Stevens noted that Osborn had no criminal record and no history of violence.Have their parents got any sort of criminal record?The jury were entitled to know the witness's criminal record.had a criminal recordPolice refused to say if he had a criminal record or gun licence, but he is know to have several passports.The papers seemed to be more interested in trying to find out if I had a criminal record.Education Secretary John Patten warned that any school which failed to check whether staff had a criminal record would face immediate closure.