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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdelinquentde‧lin‧quent1 /dɪˈlɪŋkwənt/ adjective  1 SCCCRIMEbehaving in a way that is illegal or that society does not approve ofcriminaldelinquent girls/boys/children/teenagers2 OWE technical a delinquent debt, account etc has not been paid on time the recovery of delinquent loans
Examples from the Corpus
delinquentIntel converted part of the delinquent accounts receivable to a loan last fall.Terms of cash on delivery or advance payment should be instituted for future sales to consistently delinquent accounts.delinquent childrenThe pregnant woman who refuses to present herself for her regular scans is delinquent in her duty to herself and her baby.Fundamentally she is a slightly delinquent page-boy with small buttocks and an upturned nose.He said collection of delinquent payments has increased from $ 8 billion to $ 11 billion under his administration.Below we reproduce Cohen's definition of a delinquent subculture.The federal government hopes to increase its collection of delinquent taxes.Bono is derived from some gang name he acquired during a recent delinquent youth.Jail is not a good place to rehabilitate delinquent youths.delinquent girls/boys/children/teenagersResidential care has long been associated with care of deprived and delinquent children.