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delinquentdelinquent2 noun [countable]  SCCCRIMEsomeone, especially a young person, who breaks the law or behaves in ways their society does not approve of Deanes writes and lectures about teenage delinquents. juvenile delinquent
Examples from the Corpus
delinquentThe definition of an individual as a delinquent provides an example.The process of becoming a delinquent is the same as the process of becoming, let us say, a Boy Scout.More than half of all juvenile delinquents currently in state institutions have disturbed family backgrounds.It is difficult to point to the material goals which football hooligans or juvenile delinquents are chasing.He blames most of the town's problems on local delinquents.He blames most of the problem on young local delinquents.Moreover, it is perhaps doubtful whether many delinquents hold openly oppositional views or values as Cohen suggests.