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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfelonfel‧on /ˈfelən/ noun [countable] law  SCCsomeone who is guilty of a serious crime syn criminal By law, convicted felons (=criminals who are sent to prison) may not own or use guns.
Examples from the Corpus
felonWednesday morning, unaware that he had transported a felon.They feared that some one would get hurt as his volunteers confronted dope-crazed felons.Oakdale Prison holds over 600 dangerous felons.He received a fixed salary, with an extra fee per execution and half that sum for each felon tortured.Just how could every eligible felon be beheaded by the sword, the only decapitation method currently available?Much of its period charm persists, along with its claim that no felon may be arrested there.Stevens said his plan would keep guns out of felons' hands.If Diaz is convicted of robbing Leal, he could face 15 years to life in jail as a predicate felon.For those and other crimes the two felons were taken by tumbril to the Nuremberg scaffold.convicted felonsAs convicted felons are not allowed to profit from their crimes, then Johnson should not be allowed to benefit.Our courts and prisons are so overcrowded that convicted felons walk free.