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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishforgeforge1 /fɔːdʒ $ fɔːrdʒ/ ●●○ verb  1 UNITE[transitive] to develop something new, especially a strong relationship with other people, groups, or countries syn formforge a relationship/alliance/link etc (with somebody) In 1776 the United States forged an alliance with France. The two women had forged a close bond. Back in the 1980s, they were attempting to forge a new kind of rock music.2 SCCCOPY[transitive] to illegally copy something, especially something printed or written, to make people think that it is realcounterfeit Someone stole my credit card and forged my signature. a forged passportsee thesaurus at copy3 [intransitive always + adverb/preposition] written to move somewhere or continue doing something in a steady determined wayforge into/through Crowds of people forged through the streets towards the embassy. He forged into the lead in the fourth set.forge on Her speech wasn’t going down too well, but she forged on.4 [transitive] to make something from a piece of metal by heating the metal and shaping it forge ahead→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
forgeIt worked, and a bond was forged.They are steadily forging a distinct Kurdish polity.Horak forged ahead on his own but set too fast a pace and died at Elmbridge.In the next four years she forged ahead with her husband's socialist programme-and went further.Marino obtained the drugs by forging his doctor's signature on a prescription.The administration will forge new policies on environmental issues in the next few months.He entered the country using a forged passport.He was carrying a forged passport.The heat of the oven forges the parts into a whole and changes it while it kills it.Employees must forge their own career paths, seek out promotions and prove their worth every single day.Some trace their improvement to the unity forged there.forge a relationship/alliance/link etc (with somebody)And, whereas King forged an alliance with the Democrats, Loury is a member of an exotic breed.Lowe wrote claiming that Sutton was trying to undermine him and forge an alliance with the Founders.We have already seen how pioneers of the ecological approach forged an alliance with specialists from the environmental sciences.Whatever their differences, they were able to forge alliances across their somewhat varying but broadly similar positions.forge into/throughOrganisers also hope international links will be forged through another project now into its second year.What notes were these anyway banged out on a pan, petrol drums forged into spinets and harpsichords?