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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishindecent assaultinˌdecent asˈsault noun [countable, uncountable] law  SCLSCCthe crime of making a sexual attack on someone, touching or threatening to touch them, but not raping them (=forcing them to have sex)
Examples from the Corpus
indecent assaultSecond, where right-minded observers would agree that the conduct was indecent, that would be an indecent assault.A female can be charged with an indecent assault on another female.Before he was jailed in 1995 for six years for indecent assault, Allen amassed a multimillion-dollar fortune.It was held that there was no indecent assault.Facts: convicted of attempted robbery: pleaded guilty to two further offences of robbery and one of indecent assault.The Committee is thus opposed to any form of integration between the three offences of rape, indecent assault and buggery.Garth was found guilty of violating a lawful general regulation, indecent assault and adultery, and using indecent language.The Prince rule of strict liability as to age, which applies equally to indecent assault, has already been noticed.