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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlarcenylar‧ce‧ny /ˈlɑːsəni $ ˈlɑːr-/ noun (plural larcenies) [countable, uncountable]  lawSCC the act or crime of stealing syn theft petty larceny
Examples from the Corpus
larcenyHe argued that the old distinction between the offence of false pretences and larceny had been preserved.When personal thefts and larcenies were considered, unemployment was statistically insignificant.Old terminology such as larceny, larceny by a trick, false pretences and embezzlement were replaced by modern terms.Brook now faces probable jail after an indictment for larceny and income tax evasion.What I normally do is vandalism, poaching, driving without insurance, petty opportunist larceny.He was probably right, for our kids were much too busy to think about drugs or larceny.Democrats have always been concerned about the abuse of power, not petty larceny.The show-stealer is the set, which performs an act of real larceny.