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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmalpracticemal‧prac‧tice /mælˈpræktɪs/ noun [countable, uncountable] law  MISTAKEwhen a professional person makes a mistake or does not do their job properly and can be punished by a court Her doctor was found guilty of malpractice.
Examples from the Corpus
malpracticeHospitals are always concerned about malpractice suits.De Michelis said that he was entirely innocent of any malpractice.Two provisions were added by the House: medical malpractice reforms and medical savings accounts.The Supreme Court had previously left intact legislation aimed at limiting medical malpractice awards in California and Idaho.He practiced law in a large mid-western city and specialized in the defense of medical malpractice suits.This was as clear a case of malpractice as I have ever seen.Many standard medical treatments of 1970 would in 1995 provide grounds for charges of malpractice.All applicants are screened by Engel and Rudman to see if there are any outstanding malpractice suits.The Alliance and its supporters busied themselves in rates and exposes of socialist malpractice.