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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmobstermob‧ster /ˈmɒbstə $ ˈmɑːbstər/ noun [countable]  especially American EnglishSCC a member of an organized criminal group syn gangster
Examples from the Corpus
mobsterIn 1997 Mr Nero's evidence helped to convict 46 mobsters.He unleashed another murderous war in the 1980s, eliminating more than 800 mobsters until the Corleone clan was dominant.Their $ 7,000 fees to the immigration mobsters were met by their families' sacrifice and borrowing.Secret negotiations are under way with jailed mobsters to bring him down.Hoblit has made more money off crime than most mobsters.There are a lot of famous actors in it, mostly reprising bits from their previous roles as cops or mobsters.That would be like putting mobster John Gotti at the head of the Justice Department.