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murdermurder2 ●●● W3 verb [transitive]  1 SCCKILLto kill someone deliberately and illegally He was convicted of murdering a policeman. Thousands of civilians were brutally murdered during the civil war. the murdered mansee thesaurus at kill2 informalDO BADLY to spoil a song, play etc by performing it very badly It’s a good song, but they murdered it.3 somebody will murder you4 I could murder a beer/pizza etc5 informalBEAT/DEFEAT to defeat someone completely They murdered us in the final.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
murderOn his order, a million people were brutally murdered.The next morning, another black who was allegedly part of the ambush party was brought to the same spot and murdered.Your husband, Lady Isabella, had secrets - that is why he was murdered.The girl had been raped and murdered.The confessor was murdered and Dymphna was beheaded for reftising to return home.She was murdered before she could call for help.Read in studio An inquest has opened on a young girl, who it's alleged was murdered by her father.One of the country's top judges has been murdered by the Mafia.The latent thought is the notion that Gloucester may be plotting to murder him - an idea too horrifying to contemplate.Wilson is accused of murdering his daughter and her boyfriend.The opening act murdered "Love is All Around."the murdered man