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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishneighbourhood watchˌneighbourhood ˈwatch British English, neighborhood watch American English noun [uncountable]  SCCWATCHa system, organized by a group of neighbours, in which members of the group regularly watch each other’s houses in order to prevent crime
Examples from the Corpus
neighbourhood watchA neighbourhood watch scheme has been established linking each home, where every door and gate is permanently locked against intruders.There are neighbourhood watch schemes and informal baby-minding groups.The exhibition included various crime prevention systems both for the home and the car and details of neighbourhood watch.Where there is sustained development of neighbourhood watch schemes, there is a sustained decrease in the number of burglaries.Mr. Dunn Will my right hon. Friend take time today to congratulate those who are running successful neighbourhood watch schemes in Dartford?Mr. Vaz I, too, welcome the growth of the neighbourhood watch schemes.In the Croydon area, where neighbourhood watch schemes are strong, burglaries are down.