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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishraidraid1 /reΙͺd/ ●●○ noun [countable] πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 PMa short attack on a place by soldiers, planes, or ships, intended to cause damage but not take control πŸ”Š a bombing raid πŸ”Š an air raid warning sirenraid on/against πŸ”Š The colonel led a successful raid against a rebel base.launch/carry out/stage a raid πŸ”Š The army launched several cross-border raids last night. β†’ air raid2 SCPa surprise visit made to a place by the police to search for something illegal πŸ”Š a police raid πŸ”Š an FBI raidraid on πŸ”Š Four people were arrested during a raid on a house in London. πŸ”Š a dawn raid (=one made very early in the morning)3 SCCan attack by criminals on a building where they believe they can steal money or drugs πŸ”Š a bank raidraid on πŸ”Š an armed raid on a shop in Glasgow β†’ ram-raiding4 technicalBFS an attempt by a company to buy enough shares in another company to take control of itCOLLOCATIONSverbsmake a raidPirates often made daring raids on the port.carry out a raid (=make a raid)They were encouraged by the French king to carry out raids upon English ships.launch a raid (=start a raid)Rebel forces launched cross-border raids.take part in a raidThey took part in various raids, including the bombing of Cologne in 1942.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + raid an air raid (=when bombs are dropped from planes)His parents were killed in an air raid.a bombing raidBombing raids had destroyed most of the country's oil refineries.a commando raid (=a raid by specially trained soldiers)There had been two unsuccessful British commando raids.a guerrilla raid (=a raid by a small unofficial military group)From their base in the rainforest they staged guerilla raids on Nicaragua. a night raid (=an attack that takes place at night)The night raids were almost non-stop.a cross-border raid (=across a border between two countries)Cross-border raids into Kenya last year caused a serious diplomatic conflict.
Examples from the Corpus
raidβ€’ Raids are almost a nightly occurrence at this club.β€’ air-raid sirensβ€’ Detectives managed to catch the gunman who had taken three hostages in a raid on a jeweller's shop.β€’ As a teenager, he was involved in a raid against a village of Omaha Indians.β€’ Police have released a photo of a man they believe carried out a raid on a supermarket.β€’ He used to sleep in the church during air raids so that he could put out the fire bombs.β€’ Some of the most beautiful architecture in the city was destroyed in the air raids.β€’ The United States reacted to the air raids by ordering an aircraft carrier to the gulf.β€’ The police accused the woman of planning a huge armed bank raid in Scotland.β€’ NATO bombing raidsβ€’ He led a commando raid in the desert.β€’ The law will limit corporate raids on company pension funds.β€’ The smooth-talking Noye was given a 14-year sentence for laundering cash from the Brinks-Mat raid.β€’ Zavala led a series of raids on marijuana plantations.β€’ Another favourite pastime was planning raids on the various apartments and cars owned by their friends.β€’ Seven people were injured in last night's police raid on a house in Brixton, South London.β€’ John Brown's raid on Harper's Ferryβ€’ Harvard Securities organised a surprise raid on the premises of Tudorbury's new sharedealing floor shortly after its inception.β€’ a surprise raidβ€’ Sixty people are thought to have been killed in the raid on the village just west of the capital.air raidβ€’ It reminded me of the London tubes during an air raid.β€’ Pastor Braun worked on the books constantly, even with a flashlight during air raids.β€’ There were occasional air raids on Calcutta.β€’ There were several air raid warnings in late July but little damage.β€’ Suddenly the sharp, heavy squall of the air raid siren lashed the silence between them.β€’ The air raids were becoming heavier and more frequent.β€’ Equipment was possibly used to trigger air raid sirens during the Second World War.raid onβ€’ They planned a surprise, early-morning raid on the naval base.β€’ Fisher earned $50 million in a successful raid on Emhart Corp.