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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrobberrob‧ber /ˈrɒbə $ ˈrɑːbər/ ●●○ noun [countable]  SCCsomeone who steals money or propertythief, burglar Armed robbers broke into the shop and demanded money from the till. a bank robbersee thesaurus at thief
Examples from the Corpus
robberAnd armed robbers netted £316 million.A young teller was shot dead by bank robbers today.You expect robbers to leap out at you or murders in the dark or prostitution up the lanes.The victim never identified Harris as the robber.The girl discovered the plot, then caused the robber and his band to be caught and executed for their crimes.The brightest are wasted: the cunning triumph: the robber barons are back.The robbers forced bank staff to give them £4000 in cash.The robber girl gave Gerda the reindeer, and off they went to Lapland.The robbers opened the strongroom and packed the cash into bags.