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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishschemescheme1 /skiːm/ ●●● S2 W1 AWL noun [countable]  1 British EnglishSSPLAN an official plan that is intended to help people in some way, for example by providing education or training syn program American English The money will be used for teacher training schemes. a pension schemescheme for schemes for two new cross-city linesscheme to do something a new scheme to boost exportspilot scheme (=something that is done on a small scale in order to see if it is successful enough to be done on a larger scale) The pilot scheme proved to be a great success.see thesaurus at plan2 SCCPLANa clever plan, especially to do something that is bad or illegal – used to show disapproval a get-rich-quick schemescheme to do something a scheme to pass false cheques3 SYSTEMa system that you use to organize information, ideas etcschematic a classification scheme4 in the scheme of things colour schemeCOLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + scheme a major schemeThe government is introducing a major house-building scheme in the area.a new schemeThe new scheme aims to reduce street crime by 30%.an innovative scheme (=using new ideas)an innovative scheme to help the unemployed get back to worka grand scheme (=trying to achieve a lot)In the end, the government’s grand scheme came to nothing.a pilot scheme (=one that is tried on a small scale first to see if it is a good idea)The programme was introduced into 100 primary schools in a very successful pilot scheme.a training schemeThe company runs an apprentice training scheme.a pension schemeDoes your employer offer a pension scheme?a compensation/bonus etc scheme (=in which people receive compensation, a bonus etc)a new compensation scheme for accident victimsan incentive scheme (=in which people receive money to persuade them to work harder)There is a generous incentive scheme for the sales force.verbsintroduce/launch a schemeThe scheme was launched last autumn by the company’s education officer.run/operate a schemeParent volunteers help run the scheme.be covered by a scheme (=be able to benefit from a scheme)All employees are covered by the new bonus scheme.
Examples from the Corpus
schemeTony Prior, Prior Harwin's chairman, then proposed a scheme to save both the company and investors' funds.Therefore, we consider first the operation of the legal aid scheme.This chapter considers each of these components of a classification scheme in turn.a classification schemeHe's always coming up with these dumb schemes for making money that just land us in trouble.In 1981 a £30 million government scheme was launched to encourage industry to switch from oil and gas to coal-fired boilers.Adult literacy schemes have been run with great success in the inner cities.Easy payment schemes are often possible and for the unemployed or those in receipt of benefits colleges often waive tuition fees.Several organizations run schemes to help women find work after their children have started school.I do volunteer work for a victim support scheme.In the coming year, changes are being made which will increase the range of the scheme.Young came up with the scheme to pass phony checks.The scheme was criticized by Second Division Clubs on the grounds that they had to share the onus equally with the better-off.The government's Youth Training Scheme soon ran into difficulties.pension schemeHow groups of directors can set up a pension scheme for themselves.That being so, many people throughout the nation who are in pension schemes are frightened.Employers can no longer require membership of an occupational pension scheme as a condition of service.Coverage by occupational pension schemes is not, however, evenly distributed amongst all social classes.Banks and insurance companies were early providers of formal occupational pension schemes during the second half of the nineteenth century.In 1991 my personal pension scheme bought shares in Nestle.Private pension scheme tax concessions grew as part of deliberate policy.Bevin's plan was only one of a number of retirement pension schemes discussed in the 1930s.scheme to do somethingPoor notation can impair the ability of a scheme to accommodate new subjects and can hinder effective retrieval.They discussed stumbling blocks to progress on a scheme to bring Sainsbury to Caldaire's Grange Road site.A scheme to share the costs between insurers and taxpayers has been agreed to, but Parliament has yet to approve it.Tucson has tried scheme after scheme to lure crowds to the city center.They can range from modifications to an assessment scheme to a wholesale review of the structure and aims of a field.More than 4,500 Ford employees have taken up the company's new education scheme to encourage them to learn a foreign language.A federal affidavit links Warren with schemes to purchase 500,000 rounds of ammunition.classification schemeBliss believed that the most important aspect of a classification scheme was the order of its main classes.This chapter considers each of these components of a classification scheme in turn.A study of bibliographic classification could concentrate solely upon the major and some of the more minor bibliographic classification schemes used today.The Library of Congress Classification Scheme is very evidently enumerative, but then all the major classification schemes are.Facet analysis underlies the structure, but is not emphasized by facet indicators as in a more conventional faceted classification scheme.All psychiatric problems are brain problems, and the psychiatrists are changing their classification scheme to try and avoid that cartesian dichotomy.It is doubtful whether ever again the one-man universal classification schemes will make any sense; it is too big a task.