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schemescheme2 AWL verb [intransitive]  SCCPLANto secretly make clever and dishonest plans to get or achieve something syn plotscheme to do something She schemed to kill him with poison.scheme against He became aware that people were scheming against him and called an emergency meeting. She’s nothing but a lying, scheming little monster!schemer noun [countable]→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
schemeBut this one, this Donald, he measured you, he was cold and narrow, and he schemed.As the King got older, he became convinced that his family were scheming against him.He served him well by telling him the truth and by refusing to scheme against him.That means his brother Joseph is required to be a scheming hypocrite.I dropped right opposite her and began scheming right off.Behind the scenes, a small group was scheming to remove the Chairman from office.Against all the rules of the competition, Nick was scheming to win.scheme to do somethingHe schemed to be proclaimed Emperor, but as long as Menelik was known to be alive this was impossible.He was ambitious for the new job, had cleverly planned and schemed to get it.I schemed and schemed to get that key, but Irina was too clever for me.She schemed to kill the child herself.He will want them to oppose Republican schemes to make strike-breaking easier.The Frasque had been scheming to sponsor civil war in the system, setting world against world.