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suspectsus‧pect2 /ˈsʌspekt/ ●○○ noun [countable]  1 SCCSUSPECTsomeone who is thought to be guilty of a crime Two suspects were arrested today in connection with the robbery. Police have issued a description of the murder suspect.suspect for the two suspects for the robberysuspect in a suspect in a burglary casemain/prime/chief suspect Davies is still the chief suspect.2 the usual suspectsCOLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + suspect the prime/chief/main suspectShe didn’t realise he was the prime suspect in a murder case.the number one suspect (=the main suspect)I was the one who found her. And that makes me the number one suspect for her murder.a murder/burglary etc suspectThe murder suspect is described as in his early 20s, wearing a baseball type cap and a dark jacket.a possible suspectThe police drew up a list of possible suspects. verbsarrest/detain a suspectDetectives arrested the suspect after a five-day undercover operation.question/interrogate/interview a suspectPolice confirmed that six suspects are being questioned.
Examples from the Corpus
suspectIf witnesses and suspects are interviewed by state workers and evidence is handled, a criminal investigation would be hampered.The murder suspect is in custody and will be charged soon.I keep eliminating people from my list and will soon have no suspects left.Not only did they have no suspects, they could not even identify the boy.He would be the obvious suspect.The police now have another name to add to their list of suspects.A 32-year-old man from London is the prime suspect in the murder investigation.Two suspects have been held. -Reuter.main/prime/chief suspectIt said there had been seven votes cast and a clear majority for Prime Suspect.It was only later that smoking was seen to be the prime suspect.The prime suspect is a man in his 20s, who wears blue overalls and a red baseball cap.The prime suspect was Vic, though how would he know Mungo was in here?