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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishvandalvan‧dal /ˈvændl/ noun [countable]  SCCsomeone who deliberately damages things, especially public property
Examples from the Corpus
vandalThieves and vandals are costing churches millions of pounds each year.Trespassers and vandals just do not expect to be brought to book by passengers on a train.It stood unused for some time and was burnt down by vandals in 1970.We wanted to go inside the church on the hill but he told us it had to be kept locked because of vandals.After last season's playoff loss to the Pacers, vandals spray-painted racial epithets in Iverson's backyard.They're not professional vandals, just people who see their world threatened by legislation.This will not only protect the notice face from the weather but also deter the vandal.Previously a council house bought by its owners; it's now prey to vandals and a danger to inquisitive children.