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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishvillainyvil‧lain‧y /ˈvɪləni/ noun (plural villainies) [countable, uncountable] literary  SCCBAD PERSONevil or criminal behaviour
Examples from the Corpus
villainyThey are nice people: they believe that everything ought to be fair, that is to say that virtue is rewarded and villainy punished.But far above them stand the higher movers of villainy.Professional villainy now boasts an annual turnover of £14 billion.Joe was his ticket out of Notting Hill, his passport into the world of real villainy.Arthur had found proof of Aguisel's villainy and had attacked him in Bremenium.Now I suspect some villainy so when we get there, slip away.Now I saw starkly, for the first time, the villainy and the sheer horror of Frankenstein's researches.