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Language: Old English
Origin: cropp 'bird's crop, top part of a plant'


1 noun
crop1 W3 [countable]
1TAC a plant such as wheat, rice, or fruit that is grown by farmers and used as food [↪ GM]:
The main crops were oats and barley.
crops grown for market
cash crop
2TAC the amount of wheat, rice, fruit etc that is produced in a season [= harvest]
crop of
this season's crop of quality pears
Fruit growers are gathering in a bumper crop (=a very large amount of something produced in a season).
increased crop yields

crop of somebody/something

a group of people that arrive or things that happen at the same time
crop of somebody/something of
South Korea's present crop of elected politicians
4DSH a short whip used in horseriding
5HBB the part under a bird's throat where food is stored
6DC a very short hairstyle

crop of dark hair/blonde curls etc

DC hair that is short, thick, and attractive:
his reddish crop of shining hair