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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishalfalfaal‧fal‧fa /ælˈfælfə/ noun [uncountable]  TACa plant grown especially in the US to feed farm animals
Examples from the Corpus
alfalfaI drink red wine and heat a pita bread on the gas burner and wrap it around alfalfa sprouts or green linguine.Lark buntings inhabit the prairies, breeding in alfalfa fields.Beavers were making new dams in alfalfa fields.Mow alfalfa and bundle it in bales, shear sheep, bust broncos.Placed in the middle of a field of alfalfa, foraging bees will fly tremendous distances to find alternative sources of food.First he forbade the irrigation of alfalfa, a low-value, water-demanding crop; then he prohibited winter planting.In the face of potential starvation, honey bees finally begin foraging on alfalfa, but they learn to avoid being clubbed.One-third of the water irrigates thirsty crops of low value - alfalfa, cotton, rice - and pasture.