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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbranbran /bræn/ noun [uncountable]  TACDFthe crushed outer skin of wheat or a similar grain that is separated from the rest of the grain when making white flour
Examples from the Corpus
branWhen I examined the manger where the feed had been put, I found oats and bran.If more is needed, try a breakfast cereal that contains bran, or sprinkle bran over another cereal.Only if some Super Bowl sponsor is giving away oat bran.My mind felt like oat bran stirred with a spoon.Companies currently are limited to making claims that oatmeal or oat bran foods are low-fat or high-fiber.If you can get rice bran, feel free to substitute it.Sometimes, rosemary or balm was added to the bran to counteract the smell of decomposition.Having tried bran flakes you might well find that you like them just as much as ordinary cornflakes.