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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishearear /ɪə $ ɪr/ ●●● S2 W2 noun  1 face.jpg part of your body [countable]HBHHBA one of the organs on either side of your head that you hear with She tucked her hair behind her ears.long-eared/short-eared etc a long-eared rabbit2 grain [countable]TAC the top part of a plant such as wheat that produces grainear of an ear of corn3 smile/grin etc from ear to ear4 reach somebody’s ears5 to somebody’s ears6 APM[singular] the ability to learn music, copy sounds etcear for She has no ear for languages at all. a good ear for dialogue7 a sympathetic ear8 close/shut your ears to something9 be all ears10 be out on your ear11 be up to your ears in work/debt/problems etc12 have something coming out (of) your ears13 keep your/an ear to the ground14 keep your ears open15 go in (at) one ear and out (at) the other16 give somebody a thick ear17 have somebody’s ear18 play something by ear19 somebody’s ears are burning20 somebody’s ears are flapping dog-eared, → bend somebody’s ear at bend1(7), → send somebody off with a flea in their ear at flea(2), → make a pig’s ear of at pig1(5), → prick (up) your ears at prick1(5), → wet behind the ears at wet1(7)COLLOCATIONSadjectivesbigAfrican elephants’ ears are bigger than those of Indian elephants.floppy (=soft and hanging down loosely, rather than being stiff)a rabbit with big floppy earspointy/pointedThe dog has short pointy ears.pierced (=with a hole in the skin where an earring can be put)Her new boyfriend’s got long hair and pierced ears.somebody’s left/right earShe is deaf in her right ear.inner/middle ear (=the parts inside your ear, which you use to hear sounds)I’ve got an infection in my middle ear.verbssay/whisper something into somebody’s earHe whispered something into his wife’s ear.have your ears pierced (=have a hole put into the skin, so that you can wear an earring)I had my ears pierced when I was quite young.somebody’s ears stick out (=they are noticeable because they do not lie flat against someone’s head)If my hair is too short, you can see that my ears stick out.somebody’s ears pop (=the pressure in them changes suddenly, for example when you go up or down quickly in a plane)My ears finally popped when the plane landed.
Examples from the Corpus
earWell, she would play it by ear.Pick up a few ears of corn for dinner tonight.Gone her neat bun; her hair hung loose, tucked behind her ears.The silence seemed to swell in her ears.Simultaneously his ears unblocked and the world again became audible.And then the day after we got our record contract, I went to Selfridges and had both my ears pierced.And you never meant it for my ears, that's sure.Stop shouting in my ear!Shrugging the collar higher around tingling ears he thought of Carrie.long-eared/short-eared etcA medium-sized brown owl, the only one with long ear tufts, noticeably longer than Short-eared Owl's.good earHe had a good ear for language, and was a talented scholar, translator, and lyric poet.She has tinnitus and he has one good ear, one bad.I developed a pretty good ear, although I started out as a complete idiot.Good public relations operators are not all mouth; they are also very good ears.