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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishharvesthar‧vest1 /ˈhɑːvɪst $ ˈhɑːr-/ ●●○ noun  1 [countable, uncountable]TACGROW PLANTS, VEGETABLES ETC the time when crops are gathered from the fields, or the act of gathering themat harvest/at harvest time every year at harvest timewheat/rice/grape etc harvest It rained for the potato harvest.2 [countable]TAC the crops that have been gathered, or the amount and quality of the crops gatheredgood/bumper harvest (=a lot of crops) Plum growers are expecting a bumper harvest this year.poor/bad harvest (=few crops)3 reap a harvestCOLLOCATIONSMeanings 1 & 2ADJECTIVES/NOUN + harvest good The late frosts ended hopes of a good harvest that year.poor/bad (=with few crops)A series of poor harvests plunged them into debt.a bumper harvest (=a very good harvest)Plum growers are expecting a bumper harvest this year.the grain/potato/corn etc harvestThis year's grain harvest is expected to be well over 85 million tons.harvest + NOUNharvest timeHe hired extra workers to help at harvest time.the harvest seasonOrchard farmers are busiest during the September and October harvest season.verbsbring in/gather in the harvest (also get in the harvest) (=collect the crops from the fields)They were working late into the night to get the harvest in.the harvest fails (=there are no crops or only poor crops)The potato harvest failed that year.
Examples from the Corpus
harvestWho is the firstfruit of a harvest of blessings to come?As a result of several bumper harvests, the country now has a grain surplus.Spraying is necessary, particularly against fungal diseases, to have a decent harvest of nice-looking fruit every year.Meanwhile the domestic harvest continues apace, with 72 % of the crop gathered.It should be a good harvest this year.The heavy frosts had ended hopes of a good harvest that year.The main harvest will be in July and August, however.Slower varieties maturing in two months or more need to be sown in July to ensure a lengthy October harvest.This year's olive harvest was the best since the war.Recent harvests have been short and not enough trees have been planted for the future.As California's harvests begin next month, Juan's plight will highlight a nation's shame.Even the youngest children would come and help to get the harvest in.The harvest was reported on Sept. 19 as being 40,000,000 tonnes down on the amount at the same time in 1990.The harvest is usually ready in July or August.September is usually harvest time.the wheat harvestwheat/rice/grape etc harvestYou should go at rice harvest, she said.Despite an 11 percent increase in the 1995 California grape harvest, wine prices for consumers will still go up.An excellent rice harvest caused prices to plummet by 40 %.But after three relatively small grape harvests in a row coupled with continuing strong consumer demand, grape prices continue to increase.August brought the grape harvest, centered in Fresno.By the 1880s half the wheat harvest was being exported.This led to a famine and a delay in the wheat harvest of 2 months.It was estimated that 20 percent of the grape harvest had been lost.poor/bad harvestA poor harvest in 842, and the imminence of winter, strengthened their determination.Briars and thorns grow rank where an army camps. Bad harvests are the sequence of a great war.Farming methods in this area of Moldavia haven't changed for decades and the primitive machinery has meant poor harvests.But a succession of bad harvests has sent the price of this most popular bubbly soaring.In addition, there had been several successive bad harvests, and a phylloxera epidemic which devastated the vineyards.Then there was a long drought which produced a very poor harvest.The unfairness lay in the fact that these very poor harvests were mainly the result of natural causes.And the cycle of bad weather, poor harvests, high prices and malnutrition looked all set to repeat itself.