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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishharvesterhar‧vest‧er /ˈhɑːvɪstə $ ˈhɑːrvəstər/ noun [countable]  BOTACsomeone who gathers crops combine harvester at combine2(1)
Examples from the Corpus
harvesterHaving a harvester which is more gentle with the crop should reduce damage and so lessen spoilage in the clamp.And like the swallows that harvest the thin fields of air, we must become harvesters of ever more intangible fields.Owners Rea C Richardson benefit from his on board beet harvester jack, which was made from an ex-Moreau ram with home-brewed framing.Triticale is not restricted to large farms with expensive tractors and combine harvesters.Instead of driving a modern combine harvester, he's using a binder to cut the corn into sheaves.The harvester moved round the field in a strict square, so that the standing crop grew smaller and smaller with every pass.The harvesters stopped work, sat down and started to eat and drink.