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plantplant2 ●●○ verb [transitive]  1 plant.jpg plants/seedsHBPGROW PLANTS, VEGETABLES ETC to put plants or seeds in the ground to grow Residents have helped us plant trees. We’ve planted tomatoes and carrots in the garden.plant a field/garden/area etc (with something) a hillside planted with fir trees2 put something somewhere [always + adverb/preposition] informalPUT to put something firmly in or on something elseplant something in/on etc something He came up to her and planted a kiss on her cheek. She planted her feet firmly to the spot and refused to move.3 hide illegal goods informalSCC to hide stolen or illegal goods in someone’s clothes, bags, room etc in order to make them seem guilty of a crimeplant something on somebody She claims that the police planted the drugs on her.4 plant a bomb5 personSPY to put or send someone somewhere, especially secretly, so that they can find out information The police had planted undercover detectives at every entrance.6 plant an idea/doubt/suspicion (in somebody’s mind) plant something ↔ out→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
plantHow many large areas of coniferous forest have been planted?The police found the stolen cameras in his flat, but he insisted they had been planted.They planted an oak tree in the middle of the field.He accused the police of planting evidence.It seemed that he had a foot planted firmly on both sides of the generation gap.Delphiniums and hollyhocks are planted in the sun to give colour and height.Towards the end of March, the potatoes can be planted outside in the ground.With planting season approaching, all sides agree that farmers need to know what government programs will be.Perhaps the native rainbows outlasted their planted sisters and brothers, he argued.It turned out the security services had planted the documents in his luggage.Someone planted the drugs on her before she left the country.Before you plant the seeds, prepare the soil carefully.About a dozen school children helped plant trees in the park.He said the ground is planted with sensors that detect footsteps.plant a field/garden/area etc (with something)I went there every day, planted a garden, cleaned up the fields and prepared for next yearns crop.The view swept down to a small valley with church spires, orderly farms, and freshly planted fields.They marched directly to the native plants garden and knew exactly what to begin looking for.plant something on somebodySomeone must have planted the drugs on her.