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produceprod‧uce2 /ˈprɒdjuːs $ ˈproʊduːs/ ●○○ noun [uncountable]  TACMAKEfood or other things that have been grown or produced on a farm to be soldagricultural/organic etc produce fresh local producedairy produce British English (=milk, butter, cheese etc)COLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + produceorganic produce (=produced without artificial chemicals)There is increased demand for organic produce.agricultural/farm produceThe government bought surplus agricultural produce from farmers.garden produceShe had filled a basket with her garden produce.local produceLocal produce is used wherever possible.fresh produceWash all fresh produce before use.dairy produce British English (=milk, butter, cheese etc)Vitamin A can also be obtained from dairy produce and eggs.
Examples from the Corpus
producea produce marketfresh produceLook like produce been rolled over by a truck.He brought that idea back and transformed his business from a local produce store to the beginnings of national distribution.The hotel grows its own produce and its wines are highly recommended.On the back wall of the produce shed hangs a schoolroom map of the continental United States.Third World governments build roads which help farmers to market their produce and schools which create a literate and numerate workforce.dairy produceShe pruned her diet drastically, cutting down dairy produce and other foods high in cholesterol.Dunlop parish had been long-famed for its dairy produce.It is also obtained in liver, kidney, dairy produce, and eggs.Chapter 2 has touched on food intolerance in the case of dairy produce.