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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsisalsi‧sal /ˈsaɪsəl/ noun [uncountable]  a Central American plant whose leaves produce strong fibres, also called sisal, which are used in making rope
Examples from the Corpus
sisalWe lay beneath them in coarse sisal hammocks worn smooth by decades of use.Many said they plan to cut sisal when they grow up.The ultimate in natural flooring, sisal makes a hard-wearing alternative to natural wood floors.In front of the building is a row of white-painted stones and some cactus-like sisal plants forming a circle around a patch of grass.Karastan makes luxury versions of sisal rugs.The area's addiction to sisal has allowed few people to earn an education and develop the skills to seek better opportunities.Bamboo looks great with sisal or sea grass carpeting and other natural-grass wall coverings.