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firmfirm2 ●●● S3 W2 adjective  1 HARDnot completely hard, but not soft, and not easy to bend into a different shape opp soft The sofa cushions are fairly firm. a firm green apple Most doctors recommend sleeping on a firm mattress.see thesaurus at hard2 ATTACHstrongly fixed in position, and not likely to move syn secure Make sure the ladder feels firm before you climb up. A concrete foundation was poured after digging down to firm ground. Mount the tanks side by side on a firm base.3 SUREnot likely to changefirm conviction/commitment/belief etc Our client hasn’t reached a firm decision on the matter yet. Blackpool remains a firm favourite with holidaymakers from Northern Ireland. Corey was always a firm believer in prayer. They made a firm offer (=offered to pay a particular amount) on the house over the weekend. Diana and Laura have been firm friends (=close friends) since their early teens.4 DETERMINEDshowing in the way that you behave or speak that you are the person in control and that you are not likely to change your answer, belief etc Cal replied with a polite but firm ‘no’. What this country needs is firm leadership.be firm with somebody You need to be firm with her or she’ll try to take advantage of you.see thesaurus at determined, strict5 a firm grip/hold/grasp etc6 take a firm stand/line7 stand/hold firm8 a firm hand9 moneyPEC [not before noun] if the value of a particular country’s money is firm, it does not fall in value syn steadyfirm against The pound is still firm against the dollar.firmly adverbfirmness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
firmCook macaroni until tender but still firm.These exercises are good for making your stomach muscles nice and firm.Monkfish has a very firm and meaty flesh, so it's easy to use for kebabs.The cut surface was firm and pale, but with no areas of necrosis.Buy peaches that are quite firm, as they ripen very quickly indoors.A dam about a mile upriver from the city held firm during the earthquake.Emily was polite but firm - her answer was 'no'.What you need is a firmer mattress.I find I sleep better on a firm mattress.The dollar began Friday on a firm note.a firm red tomatoThere was something about the firm set of her body that Jay knew instinctively: she was a survivor.Winding down I gave a firm strike only to find that I had missed the take, I was gutted.Leapor is firm that her friend will be happier with a man who is dependable and who lives within his means.For this recipe you will need six firm tomatoes.We're going to have to be very firm with her, but still treat her with respect.You'll just have to be firm with him and tell him he can't have any more money.The suspension is the same as that used in the Sunny GTi, which makes it firm without being too hard.a firm baseA shift in the weather pattern, bringing low pressure systems across the Alps in December laid down a firm base.That hope rests on a firm base.There is a sort of secret cave under the far bank which must be filled before a firm base can be established.The capitalist tenant, the concessionaire and so forth will similarly have a firm base in the growing economically petty-bourgeois element.firm friendsFrom my angle Edward and I were now firm friends.He first met Minton in a top-floor club in Wardour Street and they became firm friends.It was the right decision for us both and we're still firm friends.It was their second get-together, and the two have now become firm friends.Many volunteers return many times and become strongly attached to a favourite reserve - and make firm friends.The girls' parents had held her in high regard and they had become firm friends.The men have since become firm friends.They had remained firm friends ever since their first meeting.be firm with somebodyYou must be firm with her.Tessa sweetie, be firm with him.He was wearing shorts and an open-necked shirt, and his limbs were firm with muscle and suntanned.Sometimes, to be firm with people can be more helpful than leaving problems until it is too late.