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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishguineaguin‧ea /ˈɡɪni/ noun [countable]  PECa British gold coin or unit of money used in the past, worth one pound and one shilling (£1.05). Prices are sometimes still given in guineas when buying or selling racehorses.
Examples from the Corpus
guineaTwo hundred years ago an eight-seater box for a theatre season cost a staggering 2,000 guineas, she learned.The Usher's salary was increased from £105 to 150 guineas.And even in those pre-inflation days the price two years later was up to 2,500 guineas.The Association was open to anyone resident in the island who was prepared to pay the annual subscription of one guinea.The Earl of Radnor and Lady Windsor each gave ten guineas.Since he could command a thousand guineas a time, he was well able to afford such a residence.Annual members would subscribe two guineas perannum, and life members 20 guineas.