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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhard currencyˌhard ˈcurrency noun [countable, uncountable]  PECmoney that is from a country that has a strong economy and is therefore unlikely to lose its value
Examples from the Corpus
hard currencyFrom Sept. 15 foreigners were forbidden to export scarce consumer goods, unless purchased for hard currency.Trade with other former members of Comecon is to be in hard currency, if it takes place at all.The price can be set below the competitors to attract foreign buyers who have to pay in hard currency.Czechoslovakia still insists on an inflated hard currency exchange rate which reflects its closed economy.Repatriation of profits would be possible by converting roubles into hard currency on the new exchanges.Most hard currency comes from state grants, from exporting raw materials or manufactured goods.In terms of hard currency, I will give you an example of what I mean.In 1982 oil made up about 60% of the Soviet Union's hard currency income.