Sense: 1-2
Origin: Old English minte, from Latin mentha; MENTHOL
Sense: 3-5
Origin: Old English mynet 'coin, money', from Latin moneta; MONEY


1 noun
1 [uncountable]HBPDFC a small plant with green leaves that have a fresh smell and taste and are used in cooking:
new potatoes sprinkled with chopped mint
roast lamb with mint sauce
Decorate with a sprig of mint.
2 [countable]DF a sweet that tastes of peppermint (=a type of mint with a strong fresh taste):
We sat in the back row, sucking mints.
Would you like a mint?

in mint condition

looking new and in perfect condition:
A copy in mint condition would fetch about £2000.

a mint

informal a large amount of money:
She made a mint on the stock exchange last year.
5 [countable]PEC a place where coins are officially made:
coins issued by the Royal Mint

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