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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmoneymon‧ey /ˈmʌni/ ●●● S1 W1 noun [uncountable]  1 MONEYwhat you earn by working and can use to buy things. Money can be in the form of notes and coins or cheques, and can be kept in a bank Don’t spend all your money on the first day of your holiday! The repairs will cost quite a lot of money.2 PECMONEYmoney in the form of coins or notes that you can carry around with you syn cash You’ll find some money in my purse. I didn’t have any money on me (=I was not carrying any money).Swiss/Japanese/Turkish etc money Don’t forget to get some Swiss money before you leave. We can change some money at the airport (=change it into the money of another country).3 someone’s wealth, including all the property and other things they own The family made their money in the woollen trade. He had lost all his money gambling.4 the money5 pay good money for something6 put/pump/pour money into something7 there’s money (to be made) in something8 I’m not made of money9 have money to burn10 get your money’s worth11 be in the money12 money is no object13 for my money14 put (your) money on something15 I’d put (my) money on something16 my money’s on somebody/something17 money for old rope18 put your money where your mouth is19 money talks20 be (right) on the money21 marry (into) money monies, blood money, hush money, → give somebody a (good) run for their money at run2(12), → have a (good) run for your money at run2(13), → throw money at something at throw1(19)COLLOCATIONSverbshave moneyI didn’t have enough money to pay for it.make/earn moneyShe makes a little money by babysitting.spend money (on something)More money should be spent on training.cost money/cost a lot of moneyGood food doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.save money (=use less money)Companies fired workers to save money.make money (=make a profit)The farm was beginning to make money at last.lose money (=not make a profit, so that you then have less money)The movie didn’t attract audiences and lost money for the studio.pay money (for something)Has he paid the money he owes you?lend somebody moneyMy dad lent me money to buy a car.borrow moneyThey arranged to borrow money from the bank to buy a house.owe somebody moneyHe owes me money.waste money (on something)Don’t waste your money on a computer that doesn’t have enough memory.raise money (=do something to get money for a charity, school etc)The Christmas fair raises money for the school.save up moneyShe had saved up enough money to buy a car.give somebody their money back (also refund somebody’s money) (=give money back to a customer)We regret that we are unable to refund money on tickets.money goes on something (=is spent on something)All the money went on doctor’s bills.money comes in (=is earned and received)Rob wasn’t working for a while, so we had less money coming in.money comes from something (=used to say how someone makes their money)All of Dawson’s money came from drugs.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + moneygood money (=a lot of money)Preston earns good money as a lawyer.big money informal (=a very large amount of money)Basketball players make big money.easy money (=money that you earn easily)For many, selling drugs seems like easy money.spending money (=an amount of money that you can spend on anything you want)We had £500 spending money saved for our holiday.pocket money/spending money British English (=a small amount of money that parents regularly give their children)How much pocket money do you get?government/taxpayers’/public moneyMore taxpayer’s money should be spent on the railways.phrasesa sum of money (also an amount of money)£10,000 seemed a huge sum of money to me.be a waste of moneyFancy clothes for a baby are a waste of money.be value for money British English (=used when saying that something is worth the amount of money you pay for it)The holiday was excellent value for money.COMMON ERRORSDon’t say ‘gain money’. Say make money. THESAURUSmoney what you use to buy things, in the form of notes or coinsHe spent all his money on computer equipment.cash money in the form of coins and notesI didn’t have any cash with me.currency the money used in a particular countryThe dollar gained in value against other currencies.a single European currencychange money in the form of coins of low valueDo you have any small change?a pocketful of loose changenote British English, bill American English a piece of paper moneya £20 notea $5 billcoin a flat round piece of metal used as moneyShe put some coins in the parking meter.He took a coin out of his pocket.a ten-pence/50-cent etc piece a coin worth a particular amount
Examples from the Corpus
moneyMoney isn't everything.I haven't got any money, if that's what you're after.Smiles quoted Benjamin Haydon as dating his decline from the day he first borrowed money.Do you think these trainers are worth the extra money?Raymond Campbell wants to join Linfield not just for money!I enjoy the work, and I make good money.If she's got money to run a car, how come she gets the bus every day?My grandmother left me all her money when she died.Leon dropped all his money on the floor.He had made his money as a butcher in Kingstown.He put the Italian money in a separate billfold.I spend far too much money on Christmas presents.He had no money, but wanted to be near his parents.$250 is a lot of money.She wastes an awful lot of money on expensive clothes.Gillian said not to get any flowers - she thinks it's a waste of money.Critics have described the project as "a complete waste of money".The unreadiness of governments to put money where the minister's mouth is, however notorious, not the issue."Are you coming out with us on Saturday?" "No, I'm trying to save money."Dad, can I have some money to buy some new jeans?I've left some money in the pot for your bus fare.Shall I give you some money for petrol?Instead, he donated the money to the needy.The committee is meeting to discuss how the money should be spent this year.For larger corporations, direct participation in the money market may still be cost effective.Then the police will start spending the money on helicopters and speedboats.Don't spend all your money on sweets.change ... moneyDay 1 Met at airport, change money, three and a half hour drive in the cool morning to Yalikavak.Having changed money in one office, I was directed to another office a few streets away to arrange accommodation.The woman who stamped my passport made me change money with her and she robbed me.Almost everywhere banks are the best places to change money and cheques.made ... moneyNone the less, sometimes clients made money through such practice.In the end, Dan made money and Lou lost money.It didn't matter if the film made money, you got another hundred and f fifty thousand bucks.At the end of the day, only the government made money from the businesses.Those who have made money have the money and contacts to invest in the new opportunities to make more money.He made money by charging people to look at his coffins.Lawrence was a big fifteen-year-old, and sometimes made money playing for dances in the Strasburg pool hall.In New York in 1874 Cook launched a system which made money available abroad against money deposited at home.